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USPAP Update 2018/2019

November 22, 2019

NE# 1181101.09  (Register through the Trans-American Institute/(transamstudies.com)

Instructor: Lynne L. Heiden, GRPA, IFAS, MRA

Course Fee:  $295.00  (Members of MWAA receive a 10% discount)

Hours:  9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

This seminar will be held at the … Read More

Location : 13 West 30th Street, Kearney, Nebraska

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The Mid-West Appraisers Association was founded in 1998.  The central office is located in Kearney, Nebraska.  The main focus of the Association is education and information designed to meet the needs of Mid-West Appraisers.  Timely, informative classes and highly qualified instructors are sought from all over the United States based on the best available.  Our Association recognizes that there are many good professional appraisal organizations. By joining forces, we can strengthen the profession as a whole.
The Mid-West Appraisers Association has developed a code of ethics and bylaws, which enforce the utilization of USPAP in all applicable appraisal assignments.  Designation in the Association is available by meeting the experience and education requirements, and by demonstrating USPAP compliance with an independent review of appraisal reports.  Membership in the MWAA is available as a candidate, through designation, or as an affiliate.
If you have questions regarding the organization, please contact our home office via email or phone.
We look forward to your participation in this exciting Appraisal Association designed especially for you!

Lynne L Heiden
Executive Director